Imitation Isn’t Flattery If It Costs You Your Business - ACID (Anti Copying In Design)

Oct 2017

Nothing is more heartbreaking than spending years developing a uniquely recognisable design idea into a product, to then see a suspiciously similar "new" product introduced by another company. It's something you hear about all the time but never believe it will happen to you. Sadly we have experienced this recently with a pedestal design for our Victorian kitchen range appearing on the website of another kitchen company. We own the design rights and therefore the exclusivity to market this design. We are proud and long standing members of ACID (Anti-Copying In Design), a national body which is at the front line, working towards design law reform, helping its members protect their precious intellectual property.

ACID has chosen to make an example of this incident in their national Spot The Difference campaign which features examples of originals and look-alikes. Here you can read the full story:

“The culture that is alright to steal designs can be based on arrogance, ignorance or greed but has, quite simply, got to stop!”  - ACID

You can help ACID in their campaign by sending examples direct to


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Intellectual Property

Please note: Chiselwood Ltd is proud to be associated with ACID (Anti Copying in Design). Chiselwood is a worldwide award winner for its original designs. All designs are registered with the ACID Copyright and Design Databank. Infringement or copying of these designs is a very serious matter and action will be taken should they be copied or forwarded to a third party.